Friday, 10 September 2010

Wirral Multi-Terrain Royden Park

Last Tuesday the intrepid quartet of Huw, Pete, Paul & Dave made up Buckley 'A' in the first of the Wirral Multi-Terrain races at Royden Park near Thurstaston. The night was warm, and I looked like I'd been in the shower just from doing the warmup run. The course was a fine combination of fields, woods, road & sandstone escarpment & with over 240 runners it was like doing a Borders League race. Results were

Dave 33:15
Huw 33:21
Pete 34:31
Paul (suffering with his achilles ) 37:12
Team 15th

Next race is at 7pm on Tuesday Sept 14th at Station Road Thurstaston which promises to be another fun-packed event. If you need directions, Huw's your man.

To make a full team we need 5 people, so come on ladies, no wimping out next week - you know who you are !!!

Dave (for Paul)


  1. Well done. Can't make the series this year (work commitments)

  2. Don't worry Sue, it wasn't your leg we were pulling.

  3. I know who it was it aimed at .......... one year we will get her there!

  4. Thanks Dave, I was waiting for the results and then didn't get chance to write a report...This is a great series and good value at £1 a race; it's multi-terrain Border League without the pressure - great fun!