Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hangover Hobble

Better late and all that but a very happy New Year to all collegaue runners.
Eight Buckley runners fronted for the H.O.H. in Llandegla forest and recorded some impressive times.
Simon E home in 40:33 and third overall
Steve Bellis 43:26
Danny Hollingsworth 46:04
Pete (the Viking) Roberts 47:42
Me (sponsered by Crianza et Lager ) 50:08
Johnny( the elbow) Morris 50:25
Fenella (loads of patience) Higgins 57:08
Jack (gentleman) Thomas 62:39.

Smashing run, sorry that Dave Boothers Bothryd was unable to make the race but hope the social made up for it.

Thats your lot


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  1. Good start to the New Year and thanks Chris and Fen for the food afterwards