Monday, 24 January 2011

Helsby Four Villlages 1/2 Marathon

Despite colleague runners being unavailable through injury, a number of 'Buckley Blue's' turned out for the Helsby Half Marathon on the 23rd January.
A pretty 'tight, narrow' start led out on to the main road, before taking the large field out into the surrounding country side. Weather conditions were spot on, pretty cold but that being useful as the race went on and body temperatures increased with passing miles.
All in all a good day out with runners representing a number of clubs in attendance.

Keith Jones 1:27:32
Paul Stinton 1:34:36
Paul Donaghue (looking a lot like Chris Higgins) 1:37:32
Ian Jones 1:46:41
Dawn Urquart 1:46:59
Fen Higgins 1:48:39
Rob Davies 1:48:44
Darren Smith 1:49:53


  1. Jeff Gifford also ran, coming in at just over 1:28

  2. Sorry Jeff, no idea how I managed to miss you.