Sunday, 1 May 2011

Border League Wrexham, April 27th

Wednesday 27th April at Wrexham was the last race of the season and
presentation night in the club house. It was the usual 4 mile mad dash, on a
perfect night for running, sunny and clear with enough breeze to keep it
fairly cool. It was a big field again, over 280 runners. It was hotly
contested at the front, Dave Mountford on good form, Matt Rose running well
and keen to repeat his win in the Deeside event and Ricky Challinor back
from injury and a training camp in Portugal was the unknown quantity. In the
event Matt couldn't keep up with Dave who had a clear lead, but held off
Ricky to take second.

The results were available about an hour after the finish thanks to
excellent work by Rup. Buckley men held onto third in Division One. The
ladies performed well on the night but having struggled since picking up
penalty points when we only had two runners in Race One were unable to avoid
relegation to Division Two.

It was great to see Clive West and Chris Davies at Wrexham. The club
collected a good range of awards from good, consistent performances
throughout the season. Matt was second male overall, Erika second lady
overall. All the finish places on the night are shown below (1st column),
along with the awards (last column).

2nd Matthew Rose, 2nd SM
27th Jez Brown, 5th SM
40th Erika Robinson, 1st SL
57th Simon Edwards,
63rd Mike Jones,
70th Eric Campbell, 2nd V45
74th John Bradshaw,
79th Jeff Gifford, 7th V45
85th Shaun Hooson,
89th David Boothroyd, 8th V45
101st Steve Bellis, 3rd V55
114th Michael Ludden,
119th Paul Stinton,
120th Daniel Hollingworth, SM
124th Marcus Reid, 10th V45
129th Chris Higgins,
181st John Morris, 2nd V65
202nd Fenella Higgins, 2nd LV40
217th Jane Lindley,
218th Margaret Ludden, 4th LV45
230th Leighton Williams,
254th Rob Mackey, 4th V60
255th Jack Thomas,
DNF Les Coathup 2nd MV55

pp Rob

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