Monday, 2 May 2011

Red Kite Challenge 2011

Five Buckley Runners made the trek down to mid-Wales for the Red Kite Challenge on Saturday 30th April.

The weather was fine and bright and warm. A stiff easterly breeze made interesting conditions; hot in the sunny sheltered valleys, cooler in the wind, but very dehydrating. The track from the top of the forest section across the open moorland was challenging being uphill and into the headwind. It was an excellent day out, many of us accompanied by family enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the spectacle of the kites feeding.

Paul Stinton had an excellent run finishing 45th in a high class field in 1.38.17.

Its good to see Huw Lewis running well with 54th place in 1.39.53.

Dawn was 73rd overall, collecting FV35 Silver Medal in Welsh Championship in 1.44.58.

Paul Donoghue was struggling in the conditions, much slower than last year but still did a creditable 1.54.04 finishing in 97th place. But he seemed tom recover quickly and was last seen heading for Aberystwyth to stock up with food (and beer I hope)

Rob found it hard going. Partly the conditions but probably more to do with going for a long walk with the dogs on Friday to avoid weddings on television and laying paving slabs at 7.30 the night before. 124th in 2.19.46 meant I missed the red kites being fed. It was much slower than last year, but made better by getting Bronze in MV60 Welsh Championships. Beer and food on the way home completed a good day.

An excellent day out. Even the organisers admit it is tough. Just when you think it should be going down it goes up again. The cause is the massive downhill between 2.5 miles and 4 miles. What goes down must go up!

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