Monday, 30 May 2011

Cader Idris 28th May 2011

Now you see it now you don't, that seems to be the case each year as Cadir hides in a blanket of cloud then appears in all it's grandeur the next moment.
Rain heralded the arrival of the 'Buckley Blues' but remarkably ceased just prior to the start and was kind enough to stay away for the duration.
Jez led the way with an awe inspiring time of 1:35 and still managing to encourage colleagues on the way up as he descended.
Scores on the doors then,
Jez 1:35:54
Chris 2:00:32
John 2:02:58
Fen 2:15:44
Rob 2:55:22

John took the first v sixty prize in what was a very strong age group field, well done Mr. Morris.
Chris H

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