Monday, 6 June 2011

Wincle Trout Fell Race, 4th June 2011

The population of Wincle ( 147 adults registered to vote) evidenced a temporary though massive increase on Saturday 4th of June as the village held it's now famous annual fete and fell race.
Situated in the beautiful Peak District National Park the location gave runners some respite from the heat of recent days with a cooling breeze and slight cloud cover.
The race , this covered a 9k course that included fast grass 'downs', tricky stony 'ups' and the infamous river crossing, unsurprisingly wet as water tends to be. Of the 297 finishers, 'Buckley Blues' fielded 9 competitors, all of whom finished in great style.

First in the cake tent,
Huw Lewis in 47.55 and 3rd in age group
Pete Roberts 51.07 and winning the MV60 for the third time I think Pete?
Paul Stinton 51.13 31st age group
Chris Higgins 53.27 12th age group
John Morris 53.59, 3rd age group and Come Dancing Winner, more later on this matter.
Marcus Reid 54.42 31st age group
Fenella (one n )Higgins 59.12 9th in age group
Rob Mackey 66.38 12th age group
Sue Ridings 68.06 53rd in age group.

A good contingent stayed under canvass at the local Wild Boar for the night where true to form, colleagues rose to the local challenges of 'speed and endurance dancing' whilst others dedicated themselves to 'barrel emptying', an ancient sport initiated in the area by Viking traders.

To cut a long story as they say, Johnny 'Legs Diamond' Morris pirouetted the opposition in to surrender with an amazing display of dancing from around the globe, including, Salsa, Polka, tap and the much acclaimed shake, rattle (years on the hills causes that ) and roll.
The barrel emptying was tied between Buckley, Clwydian and Cholomendy (well practiced ) contestants, I think.

All in all a great time, great race, great cake and brilliant company.
Just a reminder to wash 'yer boots' as there has been an outbreak of a fungal infection that effects bilberries in the Peak park and we don't want it on 'our hills'.
Take care
Chris H.


  1. the dancing champion was heard to quote 'next year, less running more dancing'

  2. Great report Chris. Glad to hear you all had what sounds like a brilliant laugh. In direct contrast, while you were all enjoying yourselves, some of us were going through hell on the 1000m race!