Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tattenhall Tough Team Race Friday 24th June

If it was cold on Moel Famau on Wednesday, by Friday it was wet. Few people can remember this classic race being held in wet conditions but this year made up for it. It rained steadily all evening, but at least it was a bit warmer. It was perfect conditions for running.

This race is different. 9 miles total with about 700 feet of climbing. It starts on the road for 3 miles, then on tracks mainly climbing before a sharp drop down, a bit slippery in the rain but OK. At the end there is a mile of fast downhill through fields and 2.5 miles back on the road.

Did I mention the railway? Before you can run down a fast mile of fields you have to go up. Its a big "up" too. A straight 300+ foot climb up an inclined plain, gradually getting steeper until it is nearly vertical at the top (it felt like it was) made rather tricky as the concrete sleepers covered with leaves were a bit slippy! As you finally scamble up the last yard the Grim Reaper extends a creepy skeletal hand to help you on your way. Other races have St John Ambulance but this one goes one better. Then you can go downhill! And it is a team event. Last runner across the line counts.

Nine Buckley Runners were there. Jez, Simon R and Eric had a fine run and were second male vet team. Dawn, Pete and Huw competed in the mixed vets. Paul Stinton ran with a couple of Wirral runners to make up a team. Rob and Jack had a very a very quick Tattenhall runnner top make up their team (We never saw him during the race, he was back in the bar, changed by the time Jack and I finished). But we all had a run and all agreed it was great fun.

And for information the Grim Reper drinks pints of bitter and eats bread rolls. I know because I saw him the bar later.

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  1. Thanks Rob - great event. Nice to discover that the steepness of the railway is not exaggerated!