Thursday, 16 June 2011

Trail Race up the Beast

Once again John Morris persuaded Judith Charmers to arrange the weather for this increasingly popular mid week fell race, and it worked. Judith struggled on the last climb to be fair.

Not as balmy as last year with some pretty strong winds at the pinnacle of the lime stone escarpment, this casually slipped in by Morris as ''this years surprise'' in what has become to all intents as purposes a Buckley planned, organised, and staffed fell race instigated and developed by John.

Runners came from literally all over, though last years Norwegian contestant, he's from Rhyl really, failed to turn up. Family commitments I here from his father.
78 runners completed the course.
So how did we do? brilliant me thinks,

Jez Brown, 1st with a 'battering' 35.25
Simon Roberts 3rd
Simon Edwards 4th
Steve Bellis 12th
James Pickering 67th
Sue Ridings 72nd
Robert Mackey 73rd

There is a video which with luck I'll get on utube, if Morris fails to pay the ransom!!
Take care
Higgins (very) Snr.


  1. The 'surprises' get harder every year

  2. I agree - I hate to think what he might have planned for next year!
    Many thanks to John and everybody else who helped out - it's a great event.

    Simon R