Thursday, 9 June 2011

Buckley Runners Presentation at the Running Hare

The annual presentation on June 7th at the Running Hare was a great success. I didn’t count but there had to be about thirty runners and family there. It began with the usual; eating, drinking and chatter, briefly interrupted by the presentation of awards before returning to the drinking and chatter. It was good to see so many of us there, and I know several others who were unable to attend because of other commitments.

It is the chance for the chairman to thank and congratulate everybody in the club for their contribution to the club in last year, whatever the level, whatever the type of running, whatever the level of success; they all make the club what it is. The club is what the members make it, and as such we are all winners.

The evening is clearly about the club competitions, so here are the scores on the doors. It is a combination of some regulars with some interesting result, but I’m delighted to see some returners and some new names appearing on the score sheets.

Border League Men

1st Jez Brown 176 points

2nd Eric Campbell 165 points

3rd Matt Rose 149 points

4th Les Coathup 127 points

5th Mike Jones 121 points

6th = Jeff Gifford 116 points

6th = Steve Bellis 116 points

8th Dave Boothroyd 112 points

9th Marcus Reid 110 points

10th John Morris 106 points

Border League Ladies

1st Erika Robinson 90 points (maximum)

2nd Fen Higgins 83 points

3rd Margaret Ludden 63 points

4th Sue Ridings 23 points

Cross Country Men

1st Matt Rose 100 points (maximum)

2nd Rob Mackey 66 points

3rd Eric Campbell 57 points

4th Les Coathup 37 points

5th Dan Hollingsworth 36 points

6th Huw Lewis 34 points

Cross Country Ladies

1st Sue Ridings 66 points

2nd Anne Ablett 61 points

3rd Erika Robinson 60 points

4th Dawn Urquhart 43 points

Club Championship Men

1st Simon Edwards 163 point

2nd John Morris 160 points

3rd Rob Mackey 151 points

Club Championshior Ladies

1st Fen Higgins 113 points

2nd Margaret Ludden 111 points

3rd= Sue Ridings 107 points

3rd = Dawn Urquhart 107 points

Members Award

As usual the members’ award showed the range of contributions that members make to the club. Reading the nominations is really heart-warming, it makes you realize that the members appreciate the work done by so many people in so many ways. Although I am concerned about nominations for dancing and wearing very short shorts! Congratulations go to everybody who was nominated.

And a big thank to the staff at The Running Hare, they did us proud. The warm friendly atmosphere made for an excellent event.

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  1. and congratulations to the winner of the Members Award Rob