Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Annual Presentation of Awards

The Annual Presentation of Awards will be on the evening of Tuesday 7th June at The Running Hare Ewloe from 8pm onwards.

Food will be available from the bar, they serve meals up to about 9.30. The manager has agreed to fence off an area for us. It is generally fairly quiet on a Tuesday evening so we can set up our own corner. They have made an exception to their usual management practice for us, please come along and support them and your club.

It would be really useful if you could indicate if you are coming, just so I can relax a bit and feel confident that we will have a good turn-out.

We will be there from about 8pm. You can order your own food when you arrive. I envisage doing the presentation sometime after 9.00 we have had a chance to eat. There a lot of awards again. There will be presentations for: -

Border League (top 10 men and 4 ladies) based on the 6 races

Cross Country (top 6 men and 4 ladies) based on 5 races

The club Championship (top 3 men and 3 ladies) plus recognition of everyone who has achieved 100 points.

We will also be awarding the annual "Members Award". This award is made to a club member who has made a significant contribution to the club during the year. It is based on nominations from all the club members. We will collect nominations on the night but I am happy to accept nominations prior to the evening. The nomination must state in 20 words or less why that person deserves the award. The award is judged on merit, not just on numbers.

Many thanks


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  1. Sounds good, just a bit confused though. If numerical allocation is to be overridden by ''merit', who decides on the level of merit to be allocated to each nomonee?
    Might be me of course
    Take care
    Chris H